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Linda is an averge school girl in tokyo japan. she is in love with her boyfriend jacob but they are prince and princess off the light crystal and protect it. Meryl wants to ruin their peaceful lives.


Linda is an averge school girl in tokyo japan. she is in love with her boyfriend jacob but they are prince and princess off the light crystal and protect it. Meryl wants to ruin their peaceful lives.


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Oh, she can change her sex too-

Sorry in advance for repeats in information. There was just so much.

Name: Esuteru Izushite [Ehh-su-teh-ru Ee-zoo-shteh]
Age: 22 years old
Gender: Female and Male. Changes at will. Mostly female.
Height: 4’9” when Female. 5’8” when male.
Weight: 243 lbs. [tail weight included]
Physical appearance: Esuteru is short in stature, with no breasts and no hips. She was wide shoulders and is well built with muscle. Her face is angled and masculine, with pointed ears that move up and down based on body language and things heard. The sclera of her eye is black, the iris red, and the pupil black, again. She appears to have a human set of teeth with elongated canines, which can grow to a full length of an inch and a half when threatened or threatening.

Her clothing picks the colors yellow-orange, grey, black and red, and appears to be attire of a suit.

Esuteru has an eleven foot long tail that is reptilian in nature, thick at the base and thinning out into a finger like tip, with a yellow flame at the end. The flame is also and indicator of emotion, flaring with more energy the more ‘powerful’ the emotion is. The tail is mostly muscle with very thin and flexible bones, and is fully prehensile. It’s grip is easily capable of  bending all types of metals. It is a weapon.

She also has a pair of large wings, two and a half times her size in diameter on either side. These are halfway vestigial, making their appearance at will. She can produce one at a time or both.

Strengths: Esu’s species are warriors that have been alive for hundreds of thousands of years. Esu has superhuman strength that grows with every year she becomes older.

•Superhuman strength- comes with a fighting species. Can start out easily and build up depending on how long a fight is.
•Fire- flame sac in throat and in skin pores. Can set self on fire.
•Inability to bleed to death-
•Mental capaticy: As old warriors, adaptability and survival tactics are essential for keeping oneself alive. Esuteru has the ability to lean and analyze situations and knowledge quickly, and make decisions based on such knowledge.

Weaknesses: Esuteru’s species depends on heat as their energy source.

•Ice- being in an environment of 32 F or lower for more than two minutes max will kill Esuteru. Being in an environment that is slowly decreasing in temperature will also slowly drain her.
•Decapitation and dismemberment- Decapitation is instant death. Dismemberment works if you can keep the limbs from her long enough so that they will not heal if reattached.
•Ghost- An undefeatable enemy. She cannot hear/touch/see them without their will, and she absolutely loathes and fears them. She attempt to retreat immediately when confronted with one.

•Personality- Esuteru is blunt and sarcastic the majority of the time, but has a dry yet somewhat healthy sense of humor. She is not outright friendly and open, with a tendency to hide weaknesses to potential enemies, the warrior’s mindset. Exceptions include if she knows someone will never pose a threat. She’s not largely social and prefers to watch situations and only prod her nose in when necessary. She is a leader, not a follower. When she sticks her nose in business, she wants control, and she wants it now. Her opinion on humans is incredibly low, and the opinion is reflected into people/creatures who think before they act, with the exception of pure, base instinct. She will not harm those without any form of defense.

She loves to fight, and will start a fight without a good reason. She bears no ill will, it is simply for the fight. She likes to tease.

Esu is always watching as much as she can.

Items on her person- the clothing Esuteru wears at all times is fireproof and heat retaining. She has an inner breast pocket on her left side which contains her cell phone, commissioned by Devang. She carries small wax pads with circular green stickers, which are used for teleporting back and forth, an ability she does not have. She carries a small sleeve wallet with a debit card. On her waist is a belt gifted to her by Samurai Jack, on her birthday. It repels evil and ill-intentioned spirits/ghosts. She also carries a scouter gifted to her by Captain Ginyu, and reworked to work in the English language.

Other useful information- Esuteru is an unofficial doctor. She knows how to treat injuries, provide diagnosis and prescriptions, and perform surgeries. Her mate has a history of being injured, and the prideful Katarique did not want to depend on someone else for his health, so she began to teach herself medicine. She will treat any and all Hanna Crosses, and anyone else who should ask for medical attention.

Extra abilities: Ki manipulation. Something Esuteru is not very good at, but finds it interesting. She can form a number of small blasts, colored bright orange. She prefers to not use the ability, as she is a close range fighter. Very inexperienced. Cannot keep it up for long. Her tutor is none other than Captain Ginyu.

And then from Facebook-



Physical Prowess- Esu is gifted with high amounts of physical strength. Can easily snap metal and throw an 18-wheeler. Heat amplifies Esu’s strength even more.


Enjoyment of heat- Don’t throw Esu into a volcano or breathe fire at. It will only power Esu up. The summer months mean Esu’s at a higher power level than normal, as he/she is able to sunbathe and collect energy. Anything  that produces heat will work against the opponent and towards Esu’s benefit. This includes metal, and even the heat that comes off raunchy breath, and even the friction of skin against skin. Electricity is a GREATER energy source, as it’s hotter than the surface of the sun. Esu /can be electrocuted though/, she’ll recieve nerve damage instead of burns though.


Aerial Combat- Esu has known to use those wings from the very beginning. Her small stature means she’s not only fast but agile. She can fold them independently of one another. Each wing has a claw at the top of the ‘fingers’, which is usable for digging into enemy skin. Each wing can fold and stretch independently of the other. They can carry great weights. She will punch you with a wing.


Close combat fighting- Esu will use all 7 (Arms, Legs, Wings, Tail) of her limbs in various ways to take an enemy down. Opponents are pretty much fucked if they let Esu get a hold of them. She is aware of all of them at all times. She will also headbutt you.


Quick reaction time- Due to her breeding as a fighter.


Mental manipulation- Esu is learning about you in the fight, and out of the fight. She is very intelligent and does not let emotions hamper her logic. She will tease you to piss you off. Not mind control.


Mental battles are just as fun or possibly more fun than physical battles, in Esu’s opinion.




Low temperatures- Whether it be a freezer or Winter, Esu’s species cannot stand a lack of heat. This is capable of killing her. Her father designs clothing to produce heat so she can be out /somewhat/ during the Wintertime, but she’ll use more heat than the suit can produce at a time. She can sometimes extend her time out by sticking the suit in the oven beforehand for several hours. Her planet never got that cold.If Esu is in 32 F for a minute, she will die. 


Music-   Wait how the fuck is that a weakness? Esu’s species has sensitive ears, and perfect musical ears. All of them can sing on pitch. Think of the inexplicable rush of emotion one sometimes feels while listening to music. Completely disregard the lyrics. ‘High-energy’ music can amp her up and make her better during a fight, and low energy, ‘soothing’ music can sometimes make her lose her drive to fight at all.Esu’s knees will turn to jelly at the sound of a well-played saxophone. I shit you not. White noise such as rain can put her to sleep. 


Holding a loved one- Cliche, but true. If you get a hold of Hanna or someone she cares about that is incapable of defending themselves in the situation, she will halt in attacking. Keep in mind this also starts her mental gears, so she’ll find a way to get them free. For this reason she likes to fight alone, where this weakness won’t come into play.


Her scalp and the back of her neck- Scratch it and her brain will turn into mush; her body going limp. Hates this and only lets Hanna get away with it.


Her ears- Are very sensitive. Loud screeching and extremely loud explosions can burst the eardrum, compromising her balance. Can also be burst by someone screaming their lungs out into an ear. If she knows it’s coming she can shut her hearing off, which also rids her of precious balance.


Her nose- Also sensitive, but she can shut the olfactory senses down.


Darkness- Esu cannot see in the dark. Esu has infrared vision, which means she can see heat signatures. Inanimate objects in a room are usually the same temperature, rendering her nearly blind.


Ghosts- She will flip her shit and actually panic.


Esu is a physical fighter, expect her to get in an enemy’s face and beat them to a pulp.

Her species is an alien species and a warrior species, they are raised fighting.

Her brain is also highly developed and she can make split second decisions.

She is an excellent negotiator and is very very blunt.


She has a total of 7 limbs available to her use. 2 arms, 2 legs, an 11 foot long thick tail, and a pair of  wings which appear when they are necessary.

Yes, she’ll punch you with them.

 She can breathe fire and has infrared vision, which means she can see heat that things/people produce.

She cannot bleed to death and has an extremely high pain tolerance. Again, warrior species.

She has no magical abilities.

Esu’s personality/history: Esuteru is a very blunt, masculine, cunning and intelligent, due to traits she tossed away a long time ago. When exploring Earth as a young girl she was not only ostracized for being of a different race, but ran into rampant sexism. Young, naiive, and too trusting, it was quickly too much to handle. Kats are not raised this way; it was too much a shock. She threw anything she considered ‘girly’ and ‘weak’. The ability to truly smile in happiness, and the ability to cry were one of the first things out. Without a myriad of emotions to cloud her judgement, the intelligence came to shine through. She is watching when you think she’s not paying attention. The masculinity goes hand in hand with the dominance. People learn quick not to take her lightly or for granted. Bluntness comes with all of that. If you’re a complete idiot she’ll tell you. Her heightened evolutionary abilities allowed her to change her eye color to her liking, what it is currently. Hates sweets and prefers spicy foods.

So there is a race of these things.

Species info: Katarique is an old species of warrior aliens akin to the Saiyans from the Dragon Ball series. They thrive off of heat wherever they can get it, and falter in cold temperatures when they cannot keep themselves warm. The males are naturally adept at long range fighting and some psychic powers, whilst the females are natural born close combat fighters. Each Kat has a distinct eye power (though some are shared amongst the vast number of the race). It may be helpful or entirely useless to them. They are fully capable of breathing fire and emitting great amounts of heat from their skin. Skin can harden to steel like toughness if hit enough times. The longer they are in a fight the stronger they get as long as an energy source and a motivation source are continually present. Each specimen has quarter inch fangs which can lengthen to 1 inch initially, when feeling threatened or intimidatory, 2 inches if the feelings get stronger. Capable of snarling, barking, growling, purring, mewling, roaring, crooning (which sounds like a high pitched pidgeon). Hair color is a light variation. IE, a light red, light green, and can be slightly darker shades. Tail flame matches and eyes match, or compliment the tail/hair coloration. They have feathered wings, and all are white with just the /slightest/ hint of their hair color. Gender wise, testostorone and estrogen play an important part. A male with higher estrogen levels will have a bit of hips and less muscle mass, but will never grow breasts. A female with high testostorone levels will have a flat chest, more muscle mass, and lose her hips. She will never grow a penis though. Kats mate for life. The species is interspread among planets, which causes problems if they pick a mate whose reputation is not monogomous. Body language is a mix between canine and feline, but hierarchy disputes are handled in a canine fashion.

The Ke’rehh: The exception to the race. Only one is born at a time. Distinctable by the black hair on their head. Only one exists at a time. When the Ke’rehh dies, another is born. Can be born into any clan of the race, it is entirely random. The Ke’rehh is gifted with more strength than the rest of the race, and slightly enhanced evolutionary abilities. They have what humans coin as ‘bat’ or ‘demon’ wings. Eye color and tail flame do not match for the most part. When the Ke’rehh is born, so is their vessel. The vessel is an opposite gender stillborn twin that acts as an extra body when necessary. The vessel may be ‘filled’ with emotions, personality traits, or abilities that the Ke’rehh ultimately decides they no longer desire; thus giving it actual life. The vessel acts, in laymen’s terms, as a personal camera that is always on and recording unless the vessel itself is unconcious or sleeping; but ONLY if it is filled. The Ke’rehh can only freely switch between genders if the previous condition of the vessel being filled is fulfilled.

And if thats not bad enough, she has a brother-

Nickname(s): Rei, Rii-rii (only by Esu), ReiRei, RuRu,


Date of Birth: January 8th, 1990

Gender: Male


Sexual Orientation: ,Homosexual

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 275

Skin Color: An ashed tan

Eye color: Vivid Green


Eye Ability: Night vision

Hair Color: Gray/Green

Species: Katarique


Powers: General psychic powers, energy arrows, some control of weather if feeling enough emotional turmoil, teleportation, barriers. Knows about the last 2. Has used weather control on complete accident. He’s not a fighter, he’s a defender.


Lable within Species: The Vessel


The Vessel’s personality/history: Reiru Izushite is the vessel. Her walking camera, and a living display of what she did NOT want to be. She works to keep him calm and happy, as his stress pours into her and turns into anger. Likewise, if she gets angry he gets anxious. Naiive, benevolent, easy to upset and more sensitive than a girl on her period of you catch him at the wrong time or say the wrong thing.


The slight problem with Reiru is that he received additional damage due to being on his own when life was granted to him. He knew nothing of his sister, and was left out in the world and vulnerable. He quickly fell in love with a demon and chose him as his mate, only for the relationship to go horrible within 8 months, due to the demon being unfaithful and manipulative, eventually having to be picked up and rescued by Esu. He became more submissive than he was before, lost his tail flame for good, gained tear marks going from the corner of his eyes to the side of his nose, and his white wings molted and grew in a shining black. Has trust issues, and does not desire to be the dominant partner should he ever find another mate. He likes to be held and petted, touch means more to him than words, and forms bonds ridiculously quickly. Hates sweets and prefers spicy foods.


As of now is a housekeeper, and enjoys it greatly.


Immediate family of the two: Kamireru Izushite (Father), Maisueru Izushite (Mother), Axel Demonic-Izushite (son of Esu, nephew of Reiru)

All in all, a very well know godmod. Her character even magically knows Out of Character information.



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I don’t have a Gif to express my feelings about this….

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"NovaWolf (9:22:15 PM): Kiyo: -Pounces Carl-
NovaWolf (9:22:19 PM): Kiyo: Get me preggy!!
NovaWolf (9:35:10 PM): Kiyo: -Pounces on carl and begins to try to rip his clothes off- Carl! give me baby!!
MD (9:35:19 PM): Carl: AHH! *he runs away screaming*
NovaWolf (9:35:23 PM): Carmine: You will have to forgive kiyo, hes had to much coffee
NovaWolf (9:35:39 PM): Kiyo: -Chases after carl and pounces on him, kissing his neck and gently nibbling his ear-
MD (9:37:34 PM): Carl: i dont want to have a kid ewww
NovaWolf (9:37:36 PM): Kiyo: Yay!! ill win carl, just for you my love!!
MD (9:37:46 PM): carl: w-what
NovaWolf (9:38:11 PM): Kiyo: I love you carl! and i want to have your baby!" — This was an actual RP….The OC Kiyo was/is a neko boy, who can get pregnant and is a complete nymphomaniac and therefore a sex slave. The owner of the OC claimed that Kiyo was “His happy side” and thus we “had to watch out in hurting him because if we did we were hurting him in RL” . He used to stalk mine and my friends oc’s (Carl is a friends oc) constantly and used to believe that like his own ocs and way of rping, our ocs were ourselves an not tools for rping. 


you heard me everyone, tell your friends, search the gaia rp boards, we need to see some polished shit ^^ <3

~mod S

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It&#8217;s totally ok to hate and be annoyed by people who don&#8217;t like anime. It is even more better to look up their interests in anime to shove it down their throat and force them to love anime. Because respect for other peoples likes is totally stupid.

It’s totally ok to hate and be annoyed by people who don’t like anime. It is even more better to look up their interests in anime to shove it down their throat and force them to love anime. Because respect for other peoples likes is totally stupid.